The Alternative Financial Services Association of North Macedonia
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Information on working hours and tips for using the services of AFD members

In conditions of increased danger of spreading the virus COVID-19 in our country, the Association of Financial Companies of North Macedonia informs and assures the citizens that AFD members take measures for maximum protection of citizens and clients of financial companies.
In that sense, the AFD members introduced measures and plan to protect their employees and clients and special measures for the work of the branches in accordance with the restrictions on the movement of the Government of the Republic of Northern Macedonia. Financial companies have changed the working hours of the branches and are following the instructions for keeping a social distance, regularly disinfecting the premises, as well as practicing personal hygiene and wearing protective equipment for their employees.

AFD calls on citizens and clients of financial companies to take advantage of the digital technologies available to Fintech companies in our country and to prefer the digital way of performing their activities, and to minimize visits to branches.

AFD members continue to work diligently to deliver the highest level of service quality and customer care.
Follow the information related to the protection measures regularly through the communication channels of the members and through the communication channels of AFD.