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Memorandum of Understanding signed between AETM and AFD

Partnership between one of the leading industries for the digital transformation of society – the Fintech industry and e-commerce

Aiming to provide further development of the e-commerce and fintech sector in North Macedonia, AFD – Association of Financial Companies and AETM -Macedonian Association of e-commerce, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with which both Associations will work on promoting and implementing modern achievements in e-commerce and fintech in the daily life of the citizens of North Macedonia, as well as raising the level of digital and financial literacy of the population.

AFD and AETM will cooperate through the exchange of information of common interest, organization of joint activities and projects, participation in seminars, conferences, round tables and other educational contents in the field of e-commerce, fintech and similar topics, exchange of experiences and giving professional advice.

“The main goals that we have been striving for and working on since the establishment of the Association are raising public awareness of the Fintech industry and their capabilities, as well as educating the population about the benefits of using modern technological solutions. Through the cooperation with AETM, we believe that together we will succeed in our efforts to contribute to the creation of a financially and digitally educated population that enjoys the benefits of the digital era we live in – said Jana Nikodinovska, Secretary General of AFD.

“The current situation with COVID-19 has given everyone the opportunity to see how much digitalization of processes is needed as soon as possible. As the Macedonian E-Commerce Association, in the past period we have been firmly committed to improved education when it comes to digital skills, we have been working to raise awareness of the needs of e-commerce in every business, and now we are directly financially and consultatively helping to open new ones. 40 e-shops in order to increase the offer. We believe that the signing of this memorandum with AFD will be just the beginning of a fruitful cooperation through which we will successfully deal with the challenges posed by digitalization and together we will contribute to a digital smart society, where e-commerce and the fintech industry will be an integral part. from that society “- said Filip Cikunovski, acting President of AETM.