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Close to AFD members: Credissimo – Interview with Georgi Roukov, Director of International Business Development at Credissimo

Who is Credissimo in Macedonia?

Credissimo Macedonia is part of the FinTech Group of International Companies with more than 14 years of successful history. Credissimo in the Republic of Northern Macedonia is one of the leading structures in the financial sector for fast lending, which offers fast and easy financial solutions in the form of microloans.

We are the only financial company in Macedonia that provides its services completely online, without physical contact with customers and visiting offices, something that has been shown as an extremely important topic lately, and in our company is a long-standing practice.

Why is Credissimo a member of AFD?

One of the foundations on which we base our work is complete transparency for the users of our services. It is for this reason that we have supported the idea of ​​establishing an Association that would unite all financial companies in Macedonia and that will strive to provide fair and correct practice of services in the non-banking financial sector.

This practice has been established as the basic mission of AFD, and in addition to successfully fulfilling the basic mission, we believe that the Association has so far led to greater awareness of the general population about the services offered by financial companies, as well as increasing confidence in using fast loans as a practical solution.

What are the challenges you face during the Covid-19 pandemics and are the working conditions for the financial companies the same in Macedonia and other markets?

As I mentioned above, we are the only ones that offer our services completely online. For that reason, at a time when the full financial sector is oriented towards online operations in order to keep its customers during the pandemic, we were more than ready.

While we are witnessing a complete digital transformation in the financial sector, we have used the time to improve our processes and further facilitate access to our services, as well as to start preparing new products and services that will meet the challenges that are in front of us. I really think that the pandemic has led towards the long-delayed digitalization of the sector and the prioritization of online services over traditional operations because that is the future of financial services.

How do you assess the business climate for the financial companies in Macedonia?

Our group is already present in 4 international markets – Bulgaria, Poland, Colombia, and Macedonia. Like any market, Macedonia brings its own challenges but compared to the other markets we are present in, I can freely say that Macedonian customers are one of the most loyal. According to our analysis, as many as 69% of customers use our services multiple times.

I think that this is partly the reason why we as Credissimo are constantly trying to adjust the latest world trends in the financial sphere to Macedonian customers, and they return that to us with their trust.

In addition, the trend of digitalization of financial services, which may be the only positive consequence of the pandemic, will lead to greater availability of services offered by financial companies and banks and increase the role we have as a sector in the daily lives of citizens.