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Memorandum of cooperation signed between MASIT and AFD: With joint activities and projects to promote digital and financial literacy of citizens

In order to promote and develop the ICT and fintech industry in the Republic of North Macedonia, improve the quality of fintech services, as well as raise public awareness of the financial services, AFD Association of Financial Companies and the Chamber of Commerce for Information and Communication Technologies  – MASIT, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, which lays the foundations for future joint cooperation.

The signing of this Memorandum of Cooperation is one of the key steps in joining the efforts of our two organizations to promote the fintech and ICT industry in the Republic of North Macedonia. We hope for the successful cooperation in the interest of both parties, but even more than the interest of our citizens who will welcome the benefits of the joint activities and projects in the field of fintech, digitalization, and education of the population for digital services. We believe that with joint efforts we will further contribute to raising public awareness of the benefits of using technology, especially in conditions of accelerated migration to digitalization“ – said Jana Nikodinovska, Secretary General of AFD.

In a time of constant digital transformation, globalization and increased use of digital services, the need to merge ICT companies and companies in the fintech industry becomes necessary. Especially in this specific period for all of us, caused by the Corona virus, the merger and the joint performance of these two sectors, and all in order to facilitate the life of the citizens, is crucial for the smooth continuation of daily life. We sincerely look forward to the upcoming joint projects and activities between MASIT and ADF “, said Anita Nikova, Executive Director of MASIT