The Alternative Financial Services Association of North Macedonia
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Memorandum of Understanding signed between AETM and AFD

We are pleased to announce the cooperation between the Association of Financial Companies of Northern Macedonia and Education.

The rapid changes in the business world, especially with the development of technology, impose the need for companies and their employees to meet these changes prepared meaning to quickly adapt to them and engage in their application and control.

Through cooperation with Education, AFD continues on the path to achieving its goals of improving the operations of non-banking financial companies and special investment in human capital development, while creating a responsible practice for long-term cooperation and positive evaluation by consumers and regulatory institutions. at the market.

Edulactica enables professionals and businesses to grow by connecting them with knowledge, ideas and opportunities by encouraging changes and improving knowledge by creating specialized training that meets business needs, delivered by top experts in their field.

The Association of Financial Companies of North Macedonia brings together financial technology companies, also known as FinTech, and other organizations operating outside the banking sector, providing financial services to the people of North Macedonia.