The Alternative Financial Services Association of North Macedonia
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Потпишан меморандум за соработка помеѓу АФД и Прајваси

In order to develop the fintech industry in the Republic of North Macedonia, improve the quality of FinTech services and promote the best standards of practice, raise public awareness of financial services, in commitment to increas development and development cooperation in the future, AFD Association of Financial Companies and the National Association for the Promotion of Personal Data Protection PRIVACY, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, which lays the foundations for future joint cooperation. The subject of this Memorandum is the regulation of the cooperation between the parties and the implementation of mutual activities in the field of: fintech, digitalization, education of the population (financial literacy), mutual promotion and participation in joint activities and projects.

The development of technology imposes the need for companies, especially companies that have integrated modern technological achievements in their operations, to invest in measures and systems for personal data protection. The protection of personal data with the adoption and entry with force into the regulation, which is fully harmonized with European laws, only additionally gains importance.

Through the cooperation with Privacy, AFD continues on the path to achieving its goals of improving the operations of non-banking financial companies and special investment in standardization of financial services, while creating a responsible practice for long-term cooperation and positive assessment by consumers and regulatory institutions. at the market.

The goals for association of citizens in Privacy is to raise public awareness for personal data protection in the Republic of North Macedonia by promoting dialogue and debates on topics of common interest, training, sharing ideas, as well as developing, clarifying and improving legislation from the aspect of personal data protection but also submitting requests and representing the personal data subjects before the competent bodies for exercising the right for personal data protection.

The Association of Financial Companies of North Macedonia brings together financial technology companies, also known as FinTech, and other organizations operating outside the banking sector, providing financial services to the people of North Macedonia.