The Alternative Financial Services Association of North Macedonia
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Filip Dimitrovski, President

The president of the association provides the following:

  • Long-term development of the alternative financial services sector in North Macedonia
  • Dialogue with key political and institutional stakeholders
  • Relationship development with alternative financial services sector market players

Jana Nikodinovska, General Secretary

The following issues are within the competence of the General Secretary

  • Internal operations of the Association
  • Implementation of supervision over the members’ compliance with the provisions of the Articles of Association, Standard of good practice and other approved documents
  • PR and promotion of the Association
  • Representation of the association in communication with its members and third parties
  • Management of the daily work


Assembly exists of all the members of Association and is the association’s supreme decision-making institution.

Only Assembly shall be authorized to perform the following activities:

  • To amend the Articles of Association
  • To elect or withdraw the auditor and members of the Supervisory Board
  • To decide on liquidation or reorganization of the association
  • To decide on matters related to shareholding in commercial companies or other non-governmental organizations.

Supervisory Board of the Association

In Supervisory Board there are one representative assigned from each member company that are elected for a period of two years.

The following issues are within the competence of the Supervisory Board of the association:

  • Approval of the association’s budget
  • Provision of opinion on current sectoral problems and solution thereof
  • Approval of the sectoral good practice guidelines and standards


The auditor provides control over the financial and economic activity of the association and is elected by the General Meeting for a period of one year.