The Alternative Financial Services Association of North Macedonia
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Objectives and Tasks

The association was established with the goal to oversee the alternative financial services sector and to promote its development. To achieve these goals, the association has set itself a number of objectives.


  • To represent the member interests in the financial market, in cooperation with the legislative and supervisory authorities
  • To improve the service quality by promoting the implementation of best practice standards in the daily operations of the members
  • To raise public awareness about alternative financial services as such and their opportunities
  • To enhance the transparency in the NBFI sector


In order to achieve the objectives, the association has set the following tasks: 

  • To actively participate in development of strategic documents relating with advancement of the industry
  • To cooperate with industry supervisory and other institutions
  • To implement measures against unfair commercial practices
  • To research industry market
  • To represent the interests of the members in relations with legal entities and individuals
  • To promote awareness about the association